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Dental Water Jet Floss - Cordless AND No Batteries Required! A cleaner and brighter smile this year! Order 2 or more for just $4.99 each! SHIPS FREE! - BONUS! Get access to ONE SECRET DEAL per day - just txt SECRET to 88108!

BONUS! Get access to ONE SECRET DEAL per day - just txt SECRET to 88108!
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Product Description

Dental water jet floss is a handheld and hand-powered water flosser that combines air and water to gently remove plaque and debris fast, easily, and pain-free. It is especially useful for flushing out stubborn food particles from hard-to-reach areas around braces, crowns, and implants. It promotes better oral hygiene in difficult-to-clean areas e.g. tooth crowding, orthodontic appliances, under bridges and around implants.

Product Features
  • Pressurized water stream easily remove food residue between teeth.
  • Massage and promote healthy gum.
  • Quick and easy- just fill with water, point and press to power away plaque-causing debris.
  • Air infusion Technology- Air propels water to gently remove debris.
  • Water jet features an ergonomic design and low profile tip to easily reach back teeth.
  • Water pick safe and great for adults and kids.
  • No batteries or charging required.
  • Fill with water about 2.5 in
  • Dimensions: 18.5" x 12.5? x 11"
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