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General Return Policy

Although we truly are an amazing and rare breed, there are which we may find ourselves from time to time. When this happens (not that it is often), we like to have a backup plan, a proverbial Escape Hatch (because we are just cool and prepared like that).

Reporting an Issue With an Order/Item

We are 99.9% sure you are going to love anything you order from us. In the unlikely event that there is any issue with your order whatsoever, it must be reported within 7 days of the delivery date (indicated by the tracking information). You can report an issue with your order by contacting us an email to [email protected]. In the even more unlikely event that there is no issue but you still just dont like the item, we recommend giving it as a gift to someone or selling it on craigslist or ebay. [Back to top]

What Qualifies for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)?

An order can be returned in the unlikely event that it is found to be broken, defective, or damaged upon delivery. In this unlikely event, the issue with the order (and we mean ANY issue with an order) must be reported within 7 days of delivery. To report an issue with an order, please contact us by sending an email to [email protected]. Please note that we are not responsible for compatibility issues, as our products are very clearly described with photos and specification requirements, measurements, etc on the site when the item is being offered for sale. [Back to top]

Returning a Defective Item

Once you have prearranged your return with one of our totally amazing customer service reps (they really are lovely people, the kind you may want to take home to mom), they will issue an RMA form as well as a FedEx Return Label to you (the return label is a separate email from FedEx and not issued directly from us). You will be asked to print out the RMA, complete it, and include it with the defective item (the RMA for MUST be included with the defective item for your return to be processed). The FedEx return label must be printed within a week of it being received, otherwise it will expire, and you will be responsible for shipping the item back at your cost to receive a refund or replacement of your item. Once you have the item packaged up and ready to go, you can drop it off at any FedEx/Kinkos location. When we have received your item, it will be inspected for the defect/damage as described by the customer. After we have found the problem, as replacement unit will be issued to you. If a replacement unit isnt available, a refund will be issued in place of a new unit. [Back to top]

Returning a Non-Defective Item

This is only allowed under special circumstances and at our discretion. The item must still be within its original packaging, unopened and non-damaged in any way, shape, or form in order to qualify for consideration. You would pre-arrange your return with us just as you would for a defective item, with the exception that you would pay the return postage. Postage for this item would be non-refundable. The item must be postmarked within 7 days of the arrangement being made and the RMA form being issued (again, the form must be included with the item in order to be processed). Please note, refusing a package is not considered an authorized return and is not recommended. If your package is returned as refused, you will be refunded for the order at 75% due to a restocking fee (shipping is still non-refundable). [Back to top]

I received my order, and there is an issue. What do I do (is there a return policy)?

Well, that depends on the issue. If you just dont like the item (unlikely, but we can ponder)...well...we take a tough love stance. By purchasing the item, you have deprived someone else of an awesome deal, and therefore have left no room for the ugly beast of buyers remorse. We suggest selling it on ebay or craigslist for a profit, or perhaps giving it to someone as a thoughtful gift. If your item was received broken, non-functioning, or damaged in some way that renders it useless (yet again, unlikely, but since we are already traveling down a hypothetical path), then please contact us by sending an email to [email protected] within 7 days of delivery. Please note that this time frame stands for any issues with any order whatsoever. Once the 7 days from delivery have passed, we unfortunately will be unable to assist you further (all good things must come to an end). [Back to top]


We as a retailer do not offer a warranty on the products offered on our site. If the item is covered by a warranty from the manufacturer, you will be required to contact them directly for further assistance. [Back to top]

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